Reviving an long-lost art: the letter

Over the past several months, I have reached out to the world at large looking for various pen-pals. The most lucrative source for finding such people has been Reddit’s /r/penpals. The sheer volume of people looking for others to correspond with is amazing. What has been awesome is getting used to both domestic and international pen pals. As a result, I keep stamps on hand, both US Forever First Class Domestic and US Forever First Class Global, and envelopes and nicer paper for writing. I find that the experience of sitting down and writing with an individual is relaxing, allows me to really concentrate on what I am doing, and can be done away from all electronics.

In my most recent advert, I posted that I was looking for a deeper correspondence relationship: someone younger than I am who wishes to have a mentor, someone older than me to be a mentor to myself, or people of my age bracket to discuss things in more depth. Some of the greatest minds of history had such people they would frequently correspond with.

Today I have finished the first of such letters, and many more will continue. Anyone wishing to dismiss the idea of letter writing, though, should revisit the medium. I know that at this point, given how chaotic life can be, to set aside an evening to write letters is something I look forward to.

In the past, I have had good conversations with people from Slovakia, Taiwan, and the UK, but the conversations eventually died out as they were chit-chat. Hopefully this new project will spur more frequent writing.